Monday, January 18, 2016


Someone on the Living Sober website said she is going to do two minutes of meditation morning and night and I thought that sounded like a very good idea so I might try that too.

Despite my pretty good 'informal' mindfulness practice I'd still like to be a regular meditator because I KNOW that it would have a great impact - greater than the positive impact that the informal practice is already having.

I found this long YouTube video with mindfulness guru Mark Williams today and watched most of it - while multi-tasking and working on the computer at the same time i.e. NOT very mindfully at all! - but could still absorb enough to see it's a great talk by him. Link is here.

So I pledge to do 2 mins of meditation morning and night and will check in here to report on progress.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. There's a book on three-minute meditation I used years ago when dealing with a corporate work environment -- can't find it online but the point is learning to ground. Anywhere, any time.