Friday, February 5, 2016

From a famine to a feast..

Ok I'm lurching crazily in the other direction to try and get some harmony back into my bloody head. Am very emotional right now and not looking after myself and am indulging in bad isolating thinking! Not good, not good at all. So I'm going crazy signing up for things!!!

Lots of lovely people are reaching out via email and in comments on my blogs etc - so many lovely people being kind to me I keep crying when I get their messages, goodness I am emotional right now! Many of them are sending me in the direction of good materials.


I have registered for this Webinar called 'Radical Wellness: How to Revolutionise your health now'.. you put your email address in and they send you a link that you can click on just before the 'event' goes live - basically an hour of audio they play live for an hour - it's at 6am on Sunday morning NZ time so perfect for me.. I will set the alarm and listen in bed.

I have also signed up to this 'Real Happiness Meditation Challenge' (thank you Lori!). I have just received the confirmation email and it contains links to the first 5 daily meditations (as I'm late to register). After this I will be getting a link sent to me daily with the guided meditation I have to sit and listen to. They are short! Only 6-8 minutes. I'm ALWAYS much better at doing this stuff when I am set a task or challenge or programme of sorts.

I have also signed up for this 3-part free video series featuring Tara Brach and Jack Cornfield (thank you @geea!). Just watched the first video and it was just 6 minutes long and he made me cry and already I am starting to feel a little bit better.

I'm also being honest about what is happening for me to the community at Living Sober and am feeling some lovely community support there.

I've also found a local drop-in meditation class at a Buddhist centre on at lunchtime on a Wednesday in my home town and might be brave and start going along!! I want to do this.

I've also pre-cut a whole lot of spinach and celery and have it in containers in the fridge - so that it is quick and easy for me to make myself green juices. And I plan on re-downloading MyFitnessPal onto my iPhone so I can try to get better at managing my sugar/bread binging by tracking my foods on this App. I used it before and it worked well so will try again.

On the right track....

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Buddist centres are amazing don't be scared to go along.