Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Bit crap on the mindfulness front right now. Not having those regular reminders to ground myself in the moment. I'm not hopelessly lost in my head in fraught thinking loops ... but am just a bit disconnected from the here and now.

I certainly haven't stuck to my previous pledge of meditating for one minute every day.

I feel like I'm missing my Tara Brach and I'm missing all those amazing people who spoke to me through the Mindfulness Summit and I'm feeling out of touch with that whole wonderful world that was offering me so much.. and as a result my own internal landscape has become a bit bleak.

Am writing this honesty out here in the hopes that it will spur me in to reconnecting with this area of life. I feel spiritually bereft. Sounds kooky but it's the truth.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Because it works for me, I'm going to encourage you to find either a nice yin yoga class or a meditation class once a week.
    It is a practice. Which means doing it regularly makes it familiar.

    I love yin yoga and like how we use the breath and the body to maintain focus. The more I do, the more it becomes a regular part of my life.

    It will come. There is no rush....

  2. I completely understand, the very time I have needed to meditate the most, I sort of forgot and got lost in panic. Used a gripping, long novel instead to calm myself at night, and switch off my mind. That is good, but still an external, sort of dependant habit, not relying fully on myself.
    However, the practice I had developed, kept pulling me back to the right place - gratitude, breathing, and finally, remembering to at least go to sleep with Tara playing, though last night I did fall asleep, as usual, and woke feeling very annoyed that someone was talking in my room! How dare they disturb me on and on. It took a while to realise...
    I love reading your journey here, thank you so much for sharing, as it prompts me to deeper mindfulness - breathing deeply now :) XXX

  3. I was feeling the same way missing the Mindfulness Summit! I found this daily mindfulness Happiness Challenge fōr the month of February. I like that it sends me an email everyday with the meditation in it. The are small & perfect! Check it out :) Lori