Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I'm a bit behind on my Susan Salzberg meditations - just did the Day 10 audio and today is actually the 17th day of February! Whoops! But she is very kind at not shutting off the audio after the day has passed so I've got a backlog in my inbox and I will get to them all eventually.

They are great and I still love her smooth and low and lovely....

My mental health is so-so at the moment, been a bit stressed and low at times over the past few days - nothing drastic!! - just not the most happy-happy joy-joy version of myself. But that's ok.

Remembering to be mindful throughout the days - sometimes. I'd give myself 60% on that score. Could try better.

Actually just wrote the above paragraphs then went to pick up my boys from school - got there 10 mins early so sat in the car and did a quick meditation. Watching my thoughts float by the sky of my mind. There were a lot of clouds.. very noisy in there and jumping around.. the more I sit and try to watch the quieter it will become I'm sure.

It's a no-brainer, it works.. just wish I was a little more regular in my practice. BUT that's ok. Am NOT going to beat myself up because I know every mindfulness guru will tell me not to.. just onwards with the best intentions and honesty and also forgive myself for sometimes being a bit 'messy' with my moods. I do live raw and sober 100% of the time and would be a robot if I didn't experience highs and lows.

A friend sent me a link to this article on how you don't have to sit still to meditate. It's a good affirmation of my belief that regularly reminding yourself to be mindful during the day - to ground yourself in your body and one the earth while you are moving around your day - can be extremely helpful.

I do however think that doing the formal practice of sitting quietly meditating (watching your thoughts, gently catching yourself when you get caught by a thought and taken away, gently escorting yourself back to your breath and body) is the most useful practice and this I will try to do more of..

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I loved walking meditation in bare feet. Did you notice that Sharon Salzburg actually looks like the Buddah? Not being mean. I saw her in the early 2000's a few times and spent a weekend with her at Omega Institute in upstate Ny. She did the meditation part Krishna Das did the kirtan, and Patricia Waldon did the yoga portion. Boy what a weekend that was! As she gets older the more she resembles Buddah and I find that awesom!

  2. Just wanted to say I am a reader of your other blog Going Without and now found this one. I love reading about your effort to be more mindful & integrate meditation into your life. As I am coming to the realization I am an alcoholic and need to find healthier ways of coping with life I have been trying to do this too. Thank-you for sharing your journey.