Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sharon Salzberg...

Ok I am a little bit in love with Sharon Salzberg right now! She is offering the month-long meditation challenge that I am doing .. every day she emails me a short little audio (7-8 mins) and they are just great, instructive, helpful, just very cool. She has such a warm tone and great accent (and is superficial of me to admit that I love that she isn't rail thin like all other wellness gurus seem to be?!). Love her!

In today's audio she said of one breath - "It is the entire universe, it is everything." Like all of these things they often lose something in translation but when you hear them in the moment they totally work to ground you down. Talk about helping you focus deeply on that one breath.

Imagine if that one breath was really the entire universe.. everything. Imagine if everything else was nothing at all for the instant of that breath. How calming is that?

Not sure if I am articulating well how this stuff really helps calm me. Just focusing on the small wonder of my existence (through the breath or my physical body as it sits in the world at any particular instant) makes everything else in my world fade away. All worries, concerns, plans, niggles, realities.. all there is is this one breath. Deeply in.... deeply out...

Anyway... I am a few days behind with this February challenge because I couldn't get to listen for one reason and another over the weekend. But that's ok.. Sharon is not strict on when the audios are available and I can catch up or go at a slower pace than once a day. Right now I'm at the library and am going to listen to one on my headphones.

Back on track with the mindfulness baby and loving it!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Yet again, thanks for sharing your experiences, findings & links. I just signed up for the Sharon Salzberg Happify course. It may not be the same one, as her site said registration was closed, but it is a 28 days one, based on her Happiness book, so probably similar. Also I just watched a Jack Cornfield video from your last post and it made me cry too! Soul struck tears are the best!

  2. I love her and have seen her several times over the years.

  3. I'm doing it as well. I have a regular meditation practice, but I am really enjoying her short tutorials.

    I love that idea that everything is just is one breath.