Monday, April 11, 2016

A mindfulness course in my neighbourhood!

I just booked a mindfulness course!! Three Mondays at a local venue - found out about it in the school newsletter.

A friend of mine is going to do it with me so that'll be good. I think it will be interesting to hear it taught in person and to follow along with their plan for the three lessons. Can't imagine that it would be anything other than rewarding!

Also I did a radio show the other week and we talked about emotions and mindfulness stuff (in addition to talking about my drinking and recovery story). Was interesting to try and start talking about this stuff because I haven't practised talking about it out loud much. It's much harder to articulate than recovery/sobriety stuff.. trying to communicate it in a way that makes people really understand what it is about. I know what it's about but it's taken me quite a bit of study (all charted in this blog) to properly understand and appreciate the concepts behind mindfulness.

Anyway here is the link to the radio show.

After I posted this link on Facebook I had an email from a family member telling me about her mindfulness work - I had no idea!!

Might listen to some more guided audios this week just because I feel like my practise needs a boost. I am quite good and doing it informally (pulling myself down into the moment regularly) but I think every now and then I need a refresher.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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