Friday, May 13, 2016

Dr Wayne Dyer

Another Hay House Summit talk. This one was called 'I can see clearly now' by a Dr Wayne Dyer who is apparently an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. In fact his website calls him 'The Father of Motivation'. Wowsers.

He was pretty cool though, sounded up front and honest. His talk was mostly just about finding your passion and following it and being open to do anything to achieve your authentic calling and believing in yourself to do it etc etc....

He talked about “listening to your excitement” and learning to listen to the higher part of yourself and allow it to guide you to manifesting the life you are destined to lead.

Ask yourself; "What is is that causes a real sense of excitement in you?" When something strikes that inner flame inside of you .. it's because it's the thing that aligns you with who you really are. Let go (submit and commit) and let it happen.

Get two pieces of paper and on one write what you are prepared to do to achieve your goal (even if your goal is a happy and content life) and on the other piece of paper write down all the things that you are UNWILLING to do to achieve that goal. The unwilling piece of paper should always be blank.

He also said the first and most important thing you need to have is a burning desire to change. That is the foundation from which you can create a rich and fulfilling life.

Some of it was a little kooky - lots of mystical elements to his beliefs - but in general it's always nice to hear such positivity I suppose.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I love Wayne Dyer and I have read all of his books...more than once. I never read about this with the goals and the two pieces of paper. I love it! Happy inner journeying to you!! xo