Friday, May 6, 2016

Free online Health & Wellness Summit

I’ve just signed for this free online ‘Health and Wellness Summit’ which all looks rather full on but interesting. Throughout May they are making available 100 'lessons' (audio or video talks) all on the topic of bettering ourselves – meditation & mindfulness, food, exercise, mental health etc etc.

It's free! You just sign up with a first name and email address. From tomorrow they'll release 25 talks, then five days later 25 more, and so on (four groupings in total). So loads of material but great flexibility of when to listen to it.

The list of material looks quite overwhelming but also quite stimulating and exciting so even if you only listened to one or two it would be worth it!

The list of talks is here.

I just signed up and got immediate access to four audios (a pre-summit treat for people who register!) and have listened to a couple.

I did a mindfulness summit like this last year and it was bloody fantastic!

Like doing a free amazing online university course, I loved it! There's way too much material for me to listen to all of it but will try for a few anyway.

Love, Mrs D xxx


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