Sunday, May 22, 2016

Honesty about Hay House..

Ok I have to be honest here, a lot of the talks offered at the Hay House summit look to me to be totally kooky and not of the type that I enjoy. I like practical, grounded talks about life and the human brain and nutrition and emotions and bravery etc. I like people to give me new ways to look at difficult situations, practical tips for not getting worked up over things and over thinking, I love being taught how to use my breath and body to ground myself in the moment and being made aware of thoughts being just thoughts not facts and things that have to be paid a lot of attention to all the time.

I draw the line (usually) at things that talk about 'angelic realms' and 'creating miracles' and 'divine feminine' and 'atomic energy' and stuff. It just seems a bit 'out there' for me. But am I selling myself short? Cutting my nose off despite my face? Mixing my metaphors?

In the interest of being open to new things I decided to listen to two talks that didn't interest me in the slightest from reading their titles.

The first was called 'Access the Angelic Realm for Enlightenment and Mastery' and the speaker was called Diana Cooper. In the blurb intro to the talk she talked about dragons and unicorns. I shit you not. Anyway.. so I listened.

Firstly she had a very warm and lovely voice. In the intro the interviewer said that Diana had had a visitation from an angel that had changed her life. She told a story about a light arriving in the corner of her room with her mothers face and she knew it was her mother's soul. She talked about enlightenment being a third eye process, opening up to illumination and seeing that everything is love.

She said life is all about taking full responsibility for everything you think and feel. If you blame you give power to another person. Time to look at your life and say 'ok, how did I let this happen. What is it about ME that let this person to do this to me, and once we do this we see we have mastery over everything.'

She says we all have dragons looking after us. The dragon can come into deeper denser energies. If you see something really negative going on you can send your dragon in to deal with it and they will burn up your energy. They are 4th dimension beings, if you are a fire sign you will have a fire dragon who will look after you, ditto water sign, air and earth.

Jingos I don't know. I'm just reporting what she said.

I'm reporting that she says pink dragons are recently returning to the planet lighting up our relationships. Golden dragons protect us and raise our frequency. Many people have been connected with our dragons without realising it.

She connects with unicorns .. she says in 2015 for the first time 9th dimensional unicorns came back to earth. The unicorns work with the desires of our souls, take our wishes up to the higher realm to be blessed. We can ask them at night to pour blessings on us while we sleep.

This woman is a best selling author!!!!!!! Sorry I made it to 15 minutes of the 1 hour then gave up.

The next talk I gave a nudge to was called "Build your Trust Muscles!", an interview with a woman called Iyanla Vanzant. She is a best-selling author and apparently the star of the popular television show Iyanla: Fix My Life. She also had a warm lovely voice.

She says that trust is the key to creating the life you truly want, and forgiveness.  When you can fully experience the four trusts—in self, in the divine, in others, and in the process of life—anything you desire is within reach.

She says very often we reject the truth because very often we think we have to do something about it. But if we just acknowledge the truth it will do the work for us. IE we don't have to do something about it (whatever 'it' is).. so long as we just acknowledge it (the truth about something) then that's enough.She says she grew up surrounded by dishonesty.. everything was a lie. The person she was told was her mother wasn't. She was told she was 'wrong', that there was something 'wrong' with her when she reckons she was probably the most sane person in the room. She made a commitment to herself no matter how hard or frightening in her life she was always going to tell the truth. Because when you live a lie it distorts your sense of self. Tell the truth and the truth will correct itself.

I can't argue with the truth-telling ethos.

Four trusts = Trust yourself, Trust God (or the divine or the universe), Trust others, and Trust the process of life.

I made it to about 15 minutes again then we had to get the kids out of the house so that's all I'm sorry.

So there you have it I dabbled my toe into the somewhat mystical! Iyanla was a bit more grounded than Diana.. I'm sure they're both lovely people doing amazing work and reaching many people who are looking for guidance in this crazy world of ours. Perhaps they're just not the right sort of gurus for me.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. Lovely post, Mrs D! I used to work in a bookstore and read some of this stuff so I knew what I was ordering. I found some of the super kooky stuff pretty hard to take, but you're right, it really does reach some people and help them a lot. Anyway, kudos to you for trying it out and getting through 15 minutes or so of each! Lovely to see you trying new stuff and figuring things out. xo