Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Neighbourhood Mindfulness Course Week 1

So I went to a Mindfulness Course in my neighbourhood on Monday night and it was lovely! I went with a friend and think it's going to be good for the both of us. It's just nice for me to go out and do something 'in person' as so much of the work I do on myself (getting sober, mindfulness, food issues etc) is done online and via books etc.

It was lovely just to be sitting in a little school chapel with about 20 other people listening to the very gentle but smart lady tell us about mindfulness.

Quite hard concepts to get across in just 1 hour but thankfully I've done quite a bit of reading so knew what she was talking about anyway. Made me realise how much I have absorbed and put into practice already. But it's good to get a refresher.

One of the stand-out descriptions for me was when she talked about what great 'storytellers' we are in our minds, attaching complex narratives to things that are occurring in front of us. So we create a whole lot of internal 'noise' (thoughts) about things that happen.. when to NOT do that would often make it much calmer.

Damn human brains!!!

She had us do an exercise where we had to pair up (lucky me and my friend had each other!) and for two minutes had to talk to the other person about two statements. The first was 'what are you grateful for in your life?' (or something like that) and the second was 'what are the biggest challenges that you face?' (or something like that). The key to the exercise was that the person listening wasn't allowed to say anything! Just nod or make affirming noises. So it was an exercise in mindful listening. HARD. Try it with someone.. hard not to do verbal feed back constantly.

Listening well is a real skill and such an enviable quality in a person.

Anyway the lady running the course has just sent us a link to her Soundcloud account which has brief audios to listen to - body scans etc - the link is here.

Looking forward to next week already!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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