Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Neighbourhood Mindfulness Course Week 2

I was really looking forward to going to this which is always a good sign! The theme for Week 2 was 'Mindfulness and thoughts'  and Cheryl the lady running the course talked a lot about having awareness for our thoughts so they don't cause us undue stress, anxiety, anger or depression. About trying not to just go about our days on auto pilot but be aware of what we are thinking as that can take some of the obsession and 'sting' out of our ruminations.

Also how to use your breathing & body to ground yourself in the moment (away from your thinking). It was all good to hear and I am familiar with the concepts.

We did a writing exercise where she set a timer and we had to write for 2 minutes on three questions.

1) If everything goes perfectly and to your best most optimistic expectations for the next five years... in five years time who are you and what are you doing..?

2) What are you feeling (in 5 years if everything goes as perfectly as you could hope from now)

3) What are other people saying about you?

You HAVE to write for the full 2 minutes because sometimes apparently it's surprising what comes up when you are forced to keep writing. For the last one I just started writing 'I find this hard to write because it feels totally irrelevant what others say about me'...! You know that famous saying 'what others think of me is none of my business'!!

Anyway our homework is to

1) Notice what you struggle to accept in yourself and others. Be curious.

2) Stop to notice your present moment experience, exactly as it is without adding a narrative.

3) Do a body scan and breath awareness exercise for 5-10 minutes every day.

Have to admit I didn't do it yesterday but today I did a 15 minute body scan from my old Mark Williams recordings. Did it in the car waiting for the school bell to go. My mind wandered quite a bit but it was still lovely and calming.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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