Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Neighbourhood Mindfulness Course Week 3

This was my favourite lesson of the three! On Mindfulness and Emotions. Right up my alley.

Cheryl the course facilitator spoke about accepting anger and sadness and letting them flow through us rather than getting busy in our heads working out why they are there and what to do about them. Easier said than done everyone knows that!

She discussed using the RAIN process and said it can help difficult emotions dissipate, as well as buying ourselves time between the stimulus and response. "This is helpful if our habitual response to a certain difficult emotions is one that is not serving us well e.g. Overeating when sad, too much alcohol when we are stressed, and hurting people when we are angry. RAIN also helps us see the emotion for what is rather than adding to it with our thoughts." (She sent that quote in an email follow up to us course participants).

RAIN is;
R = Recognize what is going on;
A = Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
I = Investigate with kindness;
N = Natural awareness, which comes from not identifying
with the experience.

Here is an article by the wonderful Tara Brach on RAIN.

She also shared this quote from Pema Chodron re the detox period. "When you refrain from habitual thoughts and behaviour, the uncomfortable feelings will still be there. Over the years, I’ve come to call resting with the discomfort “the detox period,” because when you don’t act on your habitual patterns, it’s like giving up an addiction. You’re left with the feelings you were trying to escape. The practise is to make a wholehearted relationship with that” Pema Chrodron.

She also said in her follow-up email: "Mindfulness practises like the Body Scan and RAIN help us to become better at “resting with the discomfort". Remember this process is only needed for dealing with difficult emotions, as we discussed some emotions are easily processed and there is no need to use this process."

At the end of this course - the final in the 3 weeks which was just an introduction to mindfulness - she said we had the option to join her once-a-month mindfulness group. Around 15 people come to her studio in the suburb I live in (lucky me she lives where I do!) for an hour and a half to work through some mindfulness practices and do exercises with the group. Well HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! Me and my friend who did this introductory course together put our names down to join and keep going.

What a lovely addition to my life and I am happy to spend money on it now that I don't spend crap loads of money on wine!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I would love to do something like that, it sounds wonderful.