Friday, May 27, 2016

Tommy Rosen...

I think this will be my last Hay House talk and the only one from the 4th and final bunch of talks that they release that I will listen to. Yes I have slowed right down (maybe I was put off by dragons and unicorns see my last post!).

Anyway I managed to listen to Tommy Rosen an addiction-recovery expert because of course he is right up my alley! And I know him from his own online conference (like this Hay House one) called 'Recovery 2.0' which I listened to a while back and really enjoyed (and actually paid to buy the talks some of which I still haven't listened to). Anyway I'm a fan of Tommy and it was good to listen to him in this context.

He talks about addiction being a problem of the human race right now where we are constantly trying to distract ourselves from the present moment.. in a way that 'demotes our being'.  He said we are all addicted to looking away. This could be obvious ways like booze or painkillers or gambling or pot or food issues or porn, but it could also be workaholism, shopping, or engaging addictively with technology.”

Beyond the addictions in our lives that distract us from the present moment, Tommy explains the four aggravations we face and how we can be stuck within them. These are behaviours that we continue to do despite the fact they brings negative consequences to our lives. There's a gap in our awareness when it comes to these more subtle forms of addiction but they're very, very important.

* Negative thinking (saps us of our energy)
* Self doubt (negative thinking turned towards you)
* Procrastination
* Resentment

He told his own big long story about  his using (sounded FULL ON from the age of 13 - 24) and the massive turnaround he has had in recovery.

He says "there is not a human being alive on the planet today that can't shift onto the path of recovery... that can't become a wholehearted healed human being. There is no such thing as hopeless. there is only are you willing to ask for help and try?"

It was a great talk, he has an excellent way of breaking down the psychology of addiction and recovery. I heartily recommend him (he has books out).

Love, Mrs D xxx

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