Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to cultivate a life of contentment..

(and who wouldn't want that??!!)..

This was episode 2 of 'The Biggest Obstacle to Mindful Living' from Melli O'Brien of the Mindfulness Summit fame.

Just a little 11 minute audio Melli shared. The link is here.

It was more on this constant craving (wishing things were different, striving, comparing etc etc) that us humans experience and how it deprives us of pure contentment.

Aaaahhhh contentment. That absolutely is my goal in life. That word conjures up such wonderful things... peace, calm, ease of being.

Stopping and appreciating the life right in front of us is the key and according to Melli in this talk one way to really work on doing this is by embracing gratitude. Appreciate what we have.

The first way to do this is to catch ourselves in any moment of dissatisfaction or discontent and just pausing for a moment, taking a breath and find something in that very moment that you really appreciate or are grateful for.

The second way to cultivate a life of gratitude and contentment.. when you go to bed at night make a point of thinking of just one thing you have been grateful for in the day. Could be very simple like the warmth of your blanket, the comfort of a companionship with an animal or human, your breath, whatever... just having that sense of gratitude and appreciating will help lead us to contentment.

There is another audio coming out soon apparently on this same topic where Melli will interview another mindfulness expert. Looking forward to it!

Love, Mrs D xxx

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