Monday, January 18, 2016


Someone on the Living Sober website said she is going to do two minutes of meditation morning and night and I thought that sounded like a very good idea so I might try that too.

Despite my pretty good 'informal' mindfulness practice I'd still like to be a regular meditator because I KNOW that it would have a great impact - greater than the positive impact that the informal practice is already having.

I found this long YouTube video with mindfulness guru Mark Williams today and watched most of it - while multi-tasking and working on the computer at the same time i.e. NOT very mindfully at all! - but could still absorb enough to see it's a great talk by him. Link is here.

So I pledge to do 2 mins of meditation morning and night and will check in here to report on progress.

Love, Mrs D xxx

Saturday, January 9, 2016

My solid 'informal' practice...

I'm actually having a very mindful time of late. I would describe myself as having a solid 'informal' practice.

For me this means that while I am not ever sitting with my eyes closed meditating quietly, I have numerous moments throughout every day where I remember (and this is the key!) to bring myself back into the moment and to focus on what is right in front of me.

It has been very busy over the course of this summer for me. The Living Sober website has been extremely active and I keep tabs on all the interactions all day every day. At times it has been tense on the site and that always takes extra focus from me. I am also getting numerous emails from people wanting to stop drinking or having trouble registering on our site.

Plus we hosted Christmas dinner for 20, have had numerous house guests, the kids are on holiday and we have a puppy. Simply put it's very busy for me.

At times my thoughts have taken me away but I am really really good now at recognising what my thoughts are doing, being aware of them and not just buying into them as being out of my control.

On the contrary - now after all my mindfulness work last year (as charted in this blog) I am now aware that thoughts are simply brain 'farts' (!) - little energy puffs that I can choose whether to bring extra attention to or not.

And most of the time I am not! I can easily stop myself from getting 'hooked' by thoughts and taken away. I can quite quickly and simply stop myself and bring my attention back to my breath or body or whatever my hands are doing at the time.

This is incredible!!!! Very freeing and relaxing and empowering.

I would still like to be someone who goes the whole hog and sits to meditate every morning.. but I'm not getting too anxious about this right now as I have many many years left to live and not all of them will be full of puppies and small boys.. so maybe in the future I will become a morning meditator.

In the meantime I will continue with my very robust and effective informal practice. It works wonders for me.

Love, Mrs D xxx