Friday, July 8, 2016

Headspace again

I have just downloaded the Headspace App again. I did this about 2 years ago and signed up to their ten day free audio and did the Day 1 and then never continued! Nice one.

Anyway have just managed to get the App again and I have recommitted to doing the 10-day free trial and I have re-listened to the Day 1 audio again. Nice English man talking me through a 10-minute relaxation, listening to the sounds around, focussing on the breath, quick body scan.

Was nice.

Also forgot to blog about the Mindfulness Impact Group I have signed up for which is an extension of the 3-day Introduction to Mindfulness course that I did in my neighbourhood. I really like the lady who takes it and so I went along to this extra session and we sat in a little studio at the back of her house and had a wee chat as a group and then she led us in a relaxation exercise. It didn't seem like much but I think it was good, being in a room talking about our mental states etc with other women and then working together to calm our minds. Can only be a good thing, right? Will go to another one or two before I decide if I'll continue for longer.

Still trying here to be a zen human being!

Love, Mrs D xxx