Monday, August 29, 2016


I sat and meditated just now and I’m not even ashamed to use that word!

That’s what I did.

I sat on the edge of the firm sofa in the study with my back straight but not rigid and my hands resting on my knees and I shut my eyes and meditated.

I focused on my breath and every time a thought hooked me after a while I would notice that I'd been hooked and I would gently without judgement bring my attention back to the breath.

Probably did just 5-7 minutes all up but it was very nice.

A bunch of bicep curls for the brain.

Did it the other day as well. So that's 3 times recently...!

Love, Mrs D xxx

Friday, August 26, 2016

Trying to meditate again....

I decided to meditate yesterday. I've been going back over my process from the start of this mindfulness 'journey' (not sure what to call it!) and realised that right from the very beginning I have been really reluctant to do the formal sit downs.. and when I started hearing experts saying that having an 'informal' practice was ok too, that was like a perfect excuse for me to not do them.

It's true that since I started exploring this mindfulness stuff my life has really changed for the better, I do have a good 'informal' practice in that I am quite good at reminding myself to stop the mind-chatter when it gets out of hand, and to look - really look and focus - on what is happening in the here and now (current moment) regularly.

But I watched this awesome video on YouTube and I just got this nagging feeling again that I am short-changing myself, that my experience.. my LIFE could be even more enhanced if I do meditate regularly. So yesterday I told myself 'I'm just going to shut my eyes and see what's going on inside'. And I did. I lasted about two minutes then gave up. Today I did it again.. just felt like checking on what was happening inside my head. Lasted more like 8-9 minutes.

It's noisy in there and my mind wanders a lot and I bring it back to the breath, then it wanders etc etc..

But Dan Harris in that YouTube video says that is what it's all about. Every time you bring your attention back to the breath it's like a bicep curl for the brain (love that!). And he says 'failure' is actually 'success'.. the whole game is trying, failing, starting again, failing, starting again..

He also says 5-10 minutes a day is all you need to do. Every day.

Back on the train...

Love, Mrs D xxx